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Hot Chocolate – Milk 200 g



Product no.: 4210
Product: Milk chocolate pucks for preparation of hot chocolate
Weight / Size: 200 g
Chocolate: Milk 43%
our price without Tax : 190.43 CZK (7.36 EUR)
our price including Tax (15 %):
219.00 CZK (8.46 EUR)

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Chocolate pralines which you simply melt in a cup of hot whole milk or cream. You will get fine real (!) hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Milk

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, dried milk, cocoa mass, dried whey, milk fat without water, soya lecithin E476, aroma: vanillin. Contain min. 10 % milk solids. Cocoa solids min. 43 %. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and sesame. Keep in cool and dry place. Made in Czech Republic. 4 - 5 pieces dissolve 30-40 ml of hot whole milk or cream.


This product is gluten-free